dabābu  [DU11 : , DU11.DU11 : ]  (vb. u/u)

[Human → Speech]

G. to speak, talk (to s.o. : +ana, with s.o. : +itti) ; itti libbīšu dabābu to consider ; to say, tell, declare ; to recite ; to litigate ; dīna dabābu to bring an action ; itti/issi X dabābu to accuse, prosecute X ; to plot (sth. : +ina/ana muḫḫi) Gtn. to speak repeatedly, to chatter D. to talk much beaucoup ; to call on s.o. for sth. (+ana) (because of sth. : +aššum) ; to complain ; to cause to speak ; to talk nonsense Dt. to be claimed ; to be called for Š. to cause to speak, talk ; to make s.o. declare ; to make s.o. litigate ; to stir up , to incite to gossip ; to make a woman compliantŠt1. to be made to speak

Cf. dabābu (1)

See also : ṣābiru