[Human → Body]

brain ; skull ; top, upper part
muḫḫi (as) to, concerning ; ana muḫḫi nišī as for (to) the people ; ana muḫḫi nāri to the river-bank ; ina muḫḫi to, concerning, up(on) ; ina muḫḫīšu to, for him ; ina muḫḫīšunu in addition to them ; ina muḫḫi pānīšu on its face ; ina muḫḫi nāri on the river ; ina muḫḫi bēlīka lišṭuru let them write (it) on your master's account ; adi muḫḫi until (cf. adi) ; issu muḫḫi concerning, from (the top of) ; issu muḫḫi tillāni on the mounds ; ina muḫḫīšu (adv.) on account / because of that, therefore, that is why, on / about / to it

See also : mūqaru

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