rabû (1)  [GAL : ]  (vb. i/i)

G. to grow up ; to grow, get bigger ; stat. : [GAL.ÀM : ] to be big Gtn. to grow constantly, become great D. to raise, bring up (a child) ; to increase Dt. to be made superior to s.o. Š. to make great ; to extend ; to raise, bring up (a child) ; to promote s.o. ; to magnify, praise s.o. Štn. to be constantly magnified ŠD = Š N. to swell, become enlarged Ntn. to accumulate constantly (interest) Rt. to increase occasionally (Mathematics)

Cf. rabû, rubūtu, rubû, rubûtu, tarbû, tarbûtu, tarbītu

Variants : rabāʾu

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