Eastern Syriac :ܡܠܚ
Western Syriac :ܡܠܚ
Category :root
[Transport → Sea]
English :1) to salt ; 2) ship : to steer , to guide , to sail / to be at the helm , to pilot ;
French :1) saler ; 2) navire : piloter , guider , diriger , gouverner , faire naviguer / conduire / tenir la barre / être à la barre / tenir le gouvernail ;
Dialect :Common Aramaic
Hebrew :מלח

Cf. ܡܸܠܚܵܐ, ܡܸܠܚܵܢܵܐ, ܡܠܵܚܵܐ, ܡܲܠܵܚܵܐ, ܡܲܠܘܼܚܵܐ, ܡܲܠܘܼܚܬܵܐ, ܡܵܠܸܚ, ܡܲܠܵܚܘܼܬܵܐ

Derived words : ܡܘܼܡܠܸܚܵܐ, ܡܲܠܘܼܚܵܐ, ܡܲܠܘܼܚܹܐ, ܡܲܠܘܼܚܢܵܝܵܐ, ܡܲܠܘܼܚܬܵܐ, ܡܵܠܘܿܟܵܐ, ܡܵܠܘܿܟ݂ܵܐ, ܡܵܠܘܿܟ݂ܘܼܬܵܐ, ܡܵܠܘܿܟ݂ܵܝܵܐ, ܡܵܠܹܚ, ܡܵܠܸܚ, ܡܲܠܸܚ, ܡܲܠܵܚܵܐ, ܡܸܠܚܵܐ, ܡܠܵܚܵܐ, ܡܸܠܚܵܐ ܕܢܵܪܓܵܐ, ܡܵܠܚܘܼܬܵܐ, ܡܲܠܵܚܘܼܬܵܐ, ܡܲܠܵܚܵܝܵܐ, ܡܸܠܚܵܢܵܐ, ܡܠܝܼܚܵܐ, ܡܠܝܼܚܘܼܬܵܐ, ܡܵܠܟܵܐ, ܡܸܠܟܵܐ, ܡܵܠܟ݂ܘܵܝܵܐ, ܡܲܠܟܘܼܬ݂ܵܐ, ܡܲܠܟܬ݂ܵܐ, ܡܲܡܠܘܼܚܹܐ, ܡܲܡܠܸܚ, ܡܡܲܠܚܵܐ, ܡܡܲܠܲܚܬܵܐ, ܡܸܬܡܲܠܚܵܢܵܐ