Eastern Syriac :ܕܩ
Western Syriac :ܕܩ
Category :root
[Human → Senses]
English :to observe , to look at , to examine , to inspect , to pay special attention to , to lie in wait for , to gaze , to take heed , to take notice of ;
French :observer , regarder , examiner , inspecter , avoir une attention spéciale pour / fixer / se concentrer sur ;
Dialect :Eastern Syriac

Cf. ܕܘܩ, ܕܵܘܩܵܐ

Derived words : ܒܕܸܩܲܬ, ܕܵܘܩܵܐ, ܕܵܘܩܵܐ, ܕܵܘܩܘܼܬܵܐ, ܕܵܝܘܿܩܵܐ, ܕܵܝܘܼܩܵܐ, ܕܵܝܘܿܩܘܼܬܵܐ, ܕܵܝܘܿܩܬܵܐ, ܕܲܝܵܩܵܐ, ܕܝܵܩܵܐ, ܕܲܩܝܼܩܵܐ, ܕܲܩܝܼܩܵܐܝܼܬ, ܕܲܩܝܼܩ̈ܘܼܝܵܬܹܐ, ܕܲܩܝܼܩܘܼܬܵܐ, ܕܸܩܬܵܐ, ܡܕܵܩܵܐ, ܡܕܵܩܘܼܬܵܐ

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