ṣabātu  [DAB : ]  (vb. a/a)

to seize, to arrest, to capture ; ina libbi ṣabātu to plan Gt. to hold one another, wrestle ; to engage in litigation D = G ; to bind, set, enclose Dtn. to take possession repeatedly Š. to equip, provide ; to install, put in place ; to ignite ; to settle ; to make s.o. do sth., start to do sth. Št1. to be started (work) Št2. to gather up ; to get sth. ready ; to execute (a decision) N. to be seized ; to seize one another, litigate Nt = Gt Ntn. to be repeatedly in litigation

Cf. ṣābitu, ṣābitūtu, ṣābitānu, ṣabbutītu, ṣabtu, ṣibittu

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