ezēbu  [TAG4 : ]  (vb. i/i)

G. to leave, go away (from), to leave behind ; to set aside, ignore ; to let, hold back, leave behind / to quit / to give up / to bequeath , to divorce ; to abandon, let go Gt. to get divorced, separate D = G Š. [KAR : ] to cause to leave ; to save / to spare / to let go , rescue Št1. to be rescued Štn. to rescue continually N. to be left untilled (field) ; to be delayed ; to be left over ; to be divorced

Cf. uzubbû, uzību, ezib, ezbu, izbu, izibtu, azibatu, azzubūtum, uzību, uzubbatu, uzzubu, mušēzibu, mušēzibtu, šēzubtum, šūzubu, šūzubtu, tēzubtum

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