nadānu (2)  [SUM : ]  (vb. i/i)

G. to give, hand over, offer ; to pay ; to leave, cede, put at disposal ; ana kaspi nadānu to sell ; awāta/qabâ nadānu to promise ; to give a result (Mathematics) ; to allow to do sth. (ana + inf. or inf. in the acc.) ; libba nadānu to encourage ; pānī nadānu to pay attention, to reveal oneself, to get ready to travel ; nadānu to give one's consent ; šēpē nadānu to set out for Gtn. to give repeatedly ; to sell repeatedly Š. to cause to give ; to collect (taxes), to recouver (a debt) Št1. to be collected Št2. [SUM.SUM.MEŠ : ] to intermingle (liquids) ; to exchange (advice), confer ; to ponder Štn. to collect repeatedly N. to be given ; to be delivered ; to be sold

Cf. nadānu (1), nādināmu, nādinatu, nadintu, nadīnu, nadīnum, nādittu, nadānu (2)

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