(1) Thus (speaks) Killa, priest of Tarhus of the city of Nerik : story of the festival purulliyas of Tarhus of heaven. When they speak thus :

(5) "May the country blossom, may it enjoy quietness, may the country be protected", and when it blossoms, when it enjoys quietness, then one celebrates the festival purulliyas.

(9) When Tarhus and Illuyankas got out of the city of Kiskilussa, Illuyankas defeated Tarhus.

(12) All the gods mourned Tarhus... Inaras celebrated the festival.

(15) She prepared everything in quantity. The container of wine, the container of marnuwant-drink, the container of walhi-drink, she put abundance in all the containers.

(19) Inaras went to the city of Ziggaratta. She met the human Hupasiyas.

(21) Inaras (spoke) thus to Hupasiyas : "I am to do such-and-such a thing. You, join me !"

(24) Hupasiyas (spoke) thus to Inaras : "if I (can) sleep with you, then I will come. I will make your desire". And he remained with her.

(27) Inaras brought Hupasiyas at home and she hid him. He dressed like Inaras. He attracted Illuyankas out of his hole : "lo ! I will celebrate a festival. Come eat and drink !"

(4') Then Illuyankas came up with his sons. They ate and drank. They drank all the containers and got drunk.

(8') Then they went down no more into the hole and Hupasiyas came. He tied up Illuyankas with a rope.

(12') Tarhus came and he killed Illuyankas. The gods were at his home.

(14') Then Inaras built a house on a rock... She settled Hupasiyas at home. Inaras regularly orders him : "when I go to the country, you, do not look though the window. But if you look, you will see your wife and your children"(1).

(23') After 20 days had passed, he pushed the shutter and he saw his wife and his children.

(25') When Inaras came back from the country, he started to complain : "let me go back home !"


(4") (Tarhus) took as wife the daughter of a poor man. She begot a son. But when he had grown up, he took as wife the daughter of Illuyankas.

(9") Tarhus ordered his son : "when you go to the house of your wife, ask them the heart and the eyes".

(13") When he went, he asked then the heart. They gave it to him. After that, he asked them the eyes. They gave them to him. He brought them to his father Tarhus. He brought back the heart of Tarhus and his eyes.

(20") When his appearence had become as before, he then left to fight in the sea. When he went fighting, he started to defeat Illuyankas. The son of Tarhus was next to Illuyankas. He called his father in heaven :

(29") "Bring me in again ! Do not shield me !" Tarhus killed Illuyankas and his son. Such is the story of Tarhus and Illuyankas.

Notes :

(1) Inaras is afraid that Hupasiyas could get homesick.
(2) In the missing part, Iluyankas steals the heart and eyes of Tarhus.