Bo.2070 = KBo.IV.6


(1) [...] of the god [...] but now [...] a fattened cow, a "fat-tail" sheep [...] and in front of the god [...] to be angry because of that [...] to be angry because of the tall daughter [...] But you, ô god [...] take your fill of fat of [...] the blood [...]

(10) If, ô God my lord, you regularly ask for the harm of the tall daughter because of something from me, really, I have given to you a dressed figure of substitution instead of me. It is in better shape with me. It is pure, it is shining, it is white. It is completely finished. Ô God my lord, look at her in the face so that this woman could turn to the face of God my lord. Take a favorable care of the tall daughter. Save her from this illness so that she may recover. Consequently, the tall daughter will come in the future to praise you regularly ô God, and she will regularly utter your divine name.

(21) Since your servant Gassuliyawiyas saw you in dream, ô Lelwanin, in the city Samūha, your servant Gassuliyawiyas has not given any sacrifice to you, ô God, these days. But now really ! Your servant Gassuliyawiyas has fallen ill. The illness oppresses her. Hence this problem affects her. The gods have been questioned by the oracle and this has been confirmed by the gods. But now really ! Consequently, your servant Gassuliyawiyas has (given) to you, ô God, for the illness figures of substitution of her. (They are) clothed with ceremonial garments [...] She has sent [...] that are set [...]

(32) [...] (your) servant [...]