(6) And he was weeping [...]

(7) Then Gilgamesh (spoke) to heavenly Shamash: "This is the very day when in the city [...] - because he had settled again in the city -

(10) But I, ô heavenly Shamash, have taken the road [...]" Heavenly Shamash listened to the prayer of Gilgamesh. [Strong? winds] arose against Huwawa : a great wind, a northern wind, [...], a storm, an icy wind, a dust storm. Eight winds arose and stroke his eyes. He could not make a step forward, he could not [make a step] backward. Huwawa surrendered.

(21) Then Huwawa said to Gilgamesh : "Enough, Gilgamesh! You [will be my master], and I will be your slave. [The trees] that I have watched growing, [...]. I will cut down the strong pulpuli-trees, so that [you will build?] houses." But Enkidu [said] to [Gilgamesh]: "Do not listen to what Huwawa [says]! Do not [let] Huwawa [alive?]!"