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Welcome to the Hittite Grammar site. You will find here the following projects :

Project state

The Hittite grammar is still under development but all chapters are now written. The remaining job consists in reviewing the present text and improving some unclear passages. The PDF version of the grammar is always synchronized with the HTML version.

The Hittite lexicon can be considered complete. It will be amended when new Hittite resources become available.

The Sumerian and Akkadian lexicons are far from complete. They are however intended as a reference for the translation of the provided Hittite texts, not as general lexicons. You will find better resources for these languages on other sites such as The Sumerian Language Page or The Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary.

The Hittite texts are provided as exercises to put into practice your knowledge of Hittite gained by reading the grammar. The material consists in the autograph (cuneiform writing), the transliteration, the transcription and at last the translation. Please notice that the translation is given rather as a solution to the exercises than as a text of literary quality. Here again, you will neither find on this site a catalogue of cuneiform signs nor grammars of Akkadian and Sumerian. Either use a catalogue that you own, or work directly from the transliteration. The site of Alain Lassine for instance provides a full catalogue of cuneiform signs (the site is in French but it does not matter for the catalogue).

The texts are edited at a slow pace, the priority being given for the moment to the completion of the grammar. You will find however the whole 10-year annals of Mursili II (in four columns) and the prayer to Lelwanis for the healing of princess Gassuliyawiyas in the Texts section.

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