Hittite Grammar




I. Writing and phonetics

A. Writing

B. Phonetics

1. Vowels

2. Consonants

3. Liaisons

II. Paradigms

A. The noun

1. Derivation

2. Declension

3. Adjective comparison

B. Pronouns

1. Personal pronouns

2. Possessive pronouns

3. Demonstrative pronouns

4. Interrogative and relative pronouns

5. Indefinite pronouns

C. Numbers

D. The verb

1. Derivation

2. Inflection

A. Inflection of the active voice

I. mi-conjugation

II. hi-conjugation

B. Inflection of the medio-passive voice

C. Compound forms

D. The verbal substantive

E. The infinitive

III. Syntax

A. Agreement

B. Case usage

C. Comparison of adjective

D. Adverbs

E. Postpositions

F. Pronouns

G. The verb

H. Negation

I. Interrogation

J. Particles

K. Conjunctions

L. Clauses